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UDBapp 2023: New Features Update

Quick Scrub, Rehearsal Mode with Metronome, and Halfway Points headline the UDBapp and UDBapp Pro 2023 release! Find out more of the details below!

Quick Scrub

UDBapp now has a scrubber to easily move set by set or count by count quickly. No need to press the + or - buttons repeatedly anymore!

Halfway Points

All performers will now be able to see their exact halfway point for every set. No more guessing!

Rehearsal Mode with Metronome

All users of UDBapp Pro can now use a metronome in the place of the audio while being able to now animate the drill at any tempo they want! In addition, users can add a count-in so that UDB can be used as your rehearsal metronome.

Updated Page/Count Toggle

It's easier than ever to know whether you're in count mode (yellow) or page mode (white).

Attendance Updates

Automated Weekly Attendance Email

An automated email with the attendance record for the week will be sent to the gmail account that is associated with the linked calendar inside of UDB every Sunday evening.

Editing Student Attendance Records by Event

Directors now have the ability to tap on any student to see their attendance record by event. Within this view, a director can now change the attendance record for the student for any event they have a record for, without going into each individual event and searching for the student.