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Ways to pay for UDB products

UDB products can be paid by Credit Card or PO/Check. 

When purchasing UDB products, you have the option to defer payment by signing the UDB Contract. If you choose that option on the order form, you will be required to provide the name and email address of an additional school/ensemble representative. Once your order is submitted, you will receive a digital contract via DocuSign that you and the secondary representative will sign. Once we receive the signed contract, we will put your order into production and you will have 30 days to pay for your products. To create your order, click here.

Credit Card/Debit Card Payments
  • You may purchase UDBapp and UDBapp Pro immediately using Credit/Debit Card. If you are purchasing Ultimate Dot Books, Ultimate Drill Books, or Ultimate Director’s Books, you are required to defer payment with the UDB Contract. The UDB Contract allows us to begin production of your books as quickly as possible while ensuring that we charge the correct amount for shipping.
  • Payments via Credit Card will add a 3% transaction fee to your invoice.
Check Payments
  • Checks should be made out to Ultimate Drill Book and sent to:
P.O. Box 85
Manakin Sabot, VA 23103